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5,000+ beef cattle producers use our market leading electronic ID hardware and software solutions to manage over 150,000 head of cattle.

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AgriEID mission : to improve animal welfare and farmer profitability with an affordable, easy to use, integrated hardware and software solution.

The Digital Farm System

• Inc SMART Reader connects tags to software
• Inc Digital Scales for accurate weight records
• Data Input and Retrieval on any mobile device
• AI + Software improves performance and profit

Improve profitability by identifying poor performers by tracking weight, treat poor performers with medical boosters, improve genetics and improve pasture to raise herd weight production to optimal levels. 

Increase profitability by up to 15% in 18 months.

Annual income earning potential benchmarks - click here to view (cattle breeders)

Includes 12 MONTHS FREE access to the AgriEID Digital Farm Software and Mobile App

From $995.oo (inc GST) with FREE SHIPPING

Load Bars with HD Monitor

The system includes a stainless steel encased high definition LCD digital monitor with quick release stainless steel connectors and heavy duty 5m length dual rodent proof cables. Includes 6V heavy duty rechargable battery for the system to operate 100% without 240v power.

AgriEID load bars are made with aviation grade stainless steel IP67 rated load cells in a heavy duty lightweight steel unibody.

Improve profitability by identifying poor performing animals via average daily weight gain, medically treat poor performers and improve genetics to boost annual herd weight to optimal production level. 

Annual income earning potential benchmarks - click here to view (cattle breeders)

Includes 12 MONTHS FREE access to the AgriEID Digital Farm Software + Mobile App + FARM AI

From $1,195.oo (inc GST) with FREE SHIPPING

Artificial Intelligence

Maximize your livestock management efficiency with our pioneering FARM AI Chatbot. This AI assistant is trained to provide instant agronomy and veterinary counsel while swiftly generating critical documents, such as Biosecurity plans, Breeding Plans, Rotational Grazing Strategies etc

You can now upload high-resolution photos of your livestock for identification, and we're in the process of integrating facial recognition technology. This feature has already shown impressive results in connecting mothers and progeny for efficient tagging and ID management.

SMART Stick NLIS Reader

Extra Heavy Duty Stick Reader with SMART Bluetooth chip, rugged non slip grip and new high powered antenna. (GEN III)

Stores 20,000 individual electronic tags numbers in solid state memory in device with no duplicate number scan function. Info displayed on large HD colour LCD screen.

Connect to any mobile device, laptop etc via bluetooth (iOS, Mac, PC, Android etc).

Direct connects to AgriEID Software to manage individual animal records as NLIS tag is scanned - add medical batch, weight, birth, notes etc

Use the AgriEID Mobile App if reliable internet access is not available (iOS and Android).

Includes 12 MONTHS FREE access to the AgriEID Digital Farm Software + Mobile App + FARM AI

$995.oo (inc GST) with FREE SHIPPING

Farm Management Software

Includes livestock module to record and track individual weight gain, medical treatments, progeny, genetics, revenue, notes etc for each individual animal and groups for detailed analytics.

This simple to use platform is designed to work on any device (Apple or Android) - mobile phone, tablet, laptop etc and connects directly with AgriEID SMART readers for faster processing.

Use the AgriEID Apple iOS and Android mobile app when reliable internet access is not available.

Now Includes : Rain Gauge, Machinery Maintenance, Paddock Rotation and Maintenance Modules inc GPS Tracking

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Livestock Scales Kit

AgriEID have developed a digital livestock weighing solution to fit all cattle crush designs and yard set-ups. 

Install on any timber or metal platform with 4x Stainless Steel (IP67) load cells with adjustable non-slip feet.

All cables are now double metal shield stainless steel PVC clear coated for extra strength and protection. 

The Gen II Digital livestock weigh system is super tough (IP67) and designed to last a lifetime of heavy use.

Click here to view the easy installation guide.

Includes 12 MONTHS FREE access to the AgriEID Digital Farm Software + Mobile App + FARM AI

$795.oo (inc GST) with FREE SHIPPING

Original SMART Stick Reader

Our best selling original OG SMART Stick Reader connects via Bluetooth to any Apple iOS or Android device (iPad, iPhone, Tablet, Laptop etc).

NLIS tag numbers auto populate the AgriEID App in real-time. Add and track records like weight, medical treatments, pregnancy etc.

Advanced design with rechargeable Li-ion battery and telescopic arm for superior reach (1.2m) and compact portability (45cm). 

View the Product Manual here (12 pages)

Includes 12 MONTHS FREE access to the AgriEID Digital Farm Software + Mobile App + FARM AI

$795.oo (inc GST) with FREE SHIPPING

Compact SMART Reader

A portable, powerful and compact SMART NLIS reader for connecting to any mobile device for tag management.

Includes 20,000 number storage on the device, no duplicate number scan function and lithium ion rechargeable batteries.

Connect to any mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Android) including Laptops and Desktops via Bluetooth. 

Direct connect to AgriEID Software to rapidly update individual livestock records in real-time - add medical treatments, weight and notes via scanned NLIS tag numbers.

Use the AgriEID iOS Apple and Android mobile app if reliable internet access is not available.

Includes 12 MONTHS FREE access to the AgriEID Digital Farm Software + Mobile App + FARM AI

$350.oo (inc GST) with FREE SHIPPING

LEADER - NLIS Cattle Tags

AVAILABLE on AgriEID from only $3.20 each

Volume Discount 250+ $3.05, 500+ $2.90, 2500+ $2.80

- AUSTRALIAN MADE (Established in 1948)

- Same Day Rapid Dispatch  

- Quick and Easy Online Ordering

- 100% Retention Guarantee

- Tamperproof Robust Design 

- UV Resistant for Longevity

- NLIS Approved in all Australian States


Custom Laser Printing - Visualiser

Select from 11 vibrant tag colours and 5 different sizes.

Use our online virtual cattle tag designer to create a unique ear tag system for your property. 

Optimise the management and security of your animals with 3 lines of laser custom print to provide clear visual ID for all your livestock. (PIC, Name, Address, Phone etc)

Our unique online visualiser lets you select the tag size, colour, font size, add your unique text and then view the design as it will be actually printed and delivered.  

Its now easy to match cows with their calves (Cows = one colour, Calves = smaller size and another colour for birth year or sex etc) ie Steers blue Heifers Pink

LPA On-Farm Audit Compliance

Large operators to hobby farmers are subject to random on-farm livestock record keeping audits.

2,000+ on-farm audits are conducted in Australia every year with properties selected at random. 

You are required to have historic treatment and transaction records (inc dates, dosage, WHP etc)

Prevent loss of LPA accreditation (access to saleyards, abattoirs etc) with an AgriEid management solution. 

Click here to see video demo of the AgriEID software platform in action.


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AgriEid provides FREE AUSTRALIA POST SHIPPING for ALL NLIS Readers, Livestock Scales and NLIS Ear Tags (100+) 

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