Compact NLIS Tag Reader
Compact NLIS Tag Reader
Compact NLIS Tag Reader
Compact NLIS Tag Reader
Compact NLIS Tag Reader
Compact NLIS Tag Reader
Compact NLIS Tag Reader
Compact NLIS Tag Reader
Compact NLIS Tag Reader
Compact NLIS Tag Reader

Compact NLIS Tag Reader

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Product Description

Product Description

The AgriEID Compact Reader has been updated with a faster chip and more processing power to ensure successful tag scans are completed faster and at a greater reading distance. This extremely popular product has been reinforced to add strength for greater durability in tough working conditions. The device speaker has also been significantly upgraded so a successful tag scan is now more audible even with extreme background noise. When combined with AgriEID livestock management software (12 months free access) this is the most advanced NLIS livestock management solution available on the market today.

The Compact Reader also comes with an upgraded SMART Bluetooth chip and High Definition LCD Screen. This rugged device also stores up to 50,000 individual electronic tags numbers in solid state memory for easy download after use (free software for data transfer - no subscription required).

Connect to any mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Android) including Laptops via the powerful new BlueTooth chip (Android and Apple) and use AgriEID Digital Farm Platform to manage individual animal records - create, search, add activity, notes and medical batch via the unique electronic NLIS tag numbers. Simple to export all records to excel at any time. Also comes with free software to export records to excel from the device internal storage.

NLIS tag and Microchip - Scan Demo

The AgriEID platform provides a single pane of glass view of the entire farm and follows guidelines provided by the LPA for best practice and audit requirements

Click here to learn more about the AgriEID digital farm software and here for the mobile application. Click here to view video demo's of the AgriEID software platform.

This SMART NLIS ear tag reader comes with 12 months free access to software designed to simply record each animals full medical history. It can be used to identify poor genetics as animals can be tracked back to their dam and sire so poor performing genetics can be sold off and top performing animals retained for ongoing herd genetic improvement.

When you can track the performance of your livestock and pasture over time you can compare your performance to key industry benchmarks. This enables you to focus on areas that need improvement such as genetics, medical treatments and pasture performance. If you start to record the history and performance of your animals it becomes a simple process to move up into the top quartile of benchmarks with the assistance of your local veterinarian, stock agent and agronomist advice.

Why Choose the AgriEID Compact NLIS Scanner ?

  • Amplify Productivity: Enhance your farm operations with technology that saves time and delivers improved efficiency with digital record keeping.
  • Increase Profitability: Optimize your farming operation with data-driven insights for sustainable growth and increased profitability.
  • Improve Decision-Making: Employ real-time data and analytics to make well-informed decisions and steer your farm towards greater profitability.
  • Unparalleled Support: Reap the rewards of expert AI chatbot guidance 24/7, ensuring you have the help you need.
  • Future-Proof Your Farm: Implement the future of farming with our easy to use integrated Hardware and Software products.
  • Adaptable & Scalable: Affordable solution thats can expand your operations with ease. Upgrade your digital farm at anytime.

This AgriEID Compact SMART (GEN III) stores up to 50,000 NLIS tag numbers locally on the device hard drive which can be transferred via simple and free software to your PC after you have completed your livestock scanning session. Scans up to 100,000 NLIS tags on a single charge (includes lithium Ion rechargeable batteries) and provided USB charging lead.

This SMART compact device also has a Repeat Read function. If you don't want the same NLIS tag number stored more than once - when a duplicate number is scanned it will not be stored again on the device and it will beep with an audible tone and on screen state "DUP" for duplicate record.

With repeat read function disabled when you scan 100 animal tags - the max tag numbers displayed and stored on the device will be 100 - regardless of how many duplicate scans are made during the session. This is an excellent way to count the total number of animals worked on in a day without errors by mistaken duplicate scans etc

Set the device sleep function from 2 minutes up to 20 minutes (6x shutdown time delay options).

Powerful next generation antenna to scan tags from the front or back of the device.

Recommended for use if animals are immobilised ie in a head bale when scanning their electronic NLIS ear tags and extra reach is not required.

Free data transfer software to export NLIS tag numbers from your computer - download from our comprehensive support page. Compatible with free apps like Google sheets, excel, notes, pages etc if you do not want to use our digital farm management software after the free 12 month period. Product manual click here to view and support page click here.

Instantly optimise your livestock operation with our 24x7 Artificial Intelligence FARM AI chatbot module : click here for more information.

AgriEID Compact SMART Scanner imports NLIS tags direct to the AgriEID software application in real time as the tags are scanned over Bluetooth connection.

Individual animal records (displayed below) on an Apple or Android mobile device can be retrieved by this NLIS scanner simply by connecting the mobile device to the scanner via Bluetooth and then scanning the animals electronic ID tag. Medical and weight records can be quickly and easily added to the AgriEid software for powerful analytics and record keeping.

Average Daily Weight Gain (ADG) is automatically calculated so poor performing animals can be immediately identified in the yards and medically treated on the spot so their weight gain performance quickly improves to maximise the entire herd weight prior to sale.

Annual income earning potential benchmarks with AgriEID assisted farming - click here to view

Complete AgriEID Software Demo :


The AgriEID platform provides a single pane of glass view of the entire farm and follows guidelines provided by the LPA for best practice and audit requirements.

Click here to view more video demo's of the AgriEID software platform.

AgriEID product reviews and customer testimonials click here

This SMART scanner is compatible with the AgriEID Mobile App if internet access is not available (sync to the cloud from your mobile device at anytime)

The AgriEID mobile app ensures smooth operation when internet access is not available - sync your data to cloud when internet access is next available.



Additional Features of AgriEID Compact NLIS Scanner 

Supports both scanning tags to memory (to read later on your device or download to your PC) and the real time transfer of scanned cattle tag numbers to your phone, tablet or computer (Apple, Android, PC or Mac) by Bluetooth.

Also works with Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Apple Numbers. No AgriEID subscription is required - tag numbers can even be scanned to Apple Notes or Google Sheets. Easy to connect to your device via Bluetooth and NLIS tag numbers automatically appear on your mobile device screen where your cursor is located as if you typed them on a keyboard when the NLIS tag is scanned.

Rechargeable batteries (included), this device will work continuously for scanning over 50,000 NLIS tags on a full battery charge. The devices features a microUSB port and includes a USB charging lead.

The compact handheld scanner reads all Australian NLIS approved sheep and cattle electronic ear tags. In addition, it also reads pet microchips (dog, cat & horses).  For cattle, this device is suited for use when they are immobilised in a head bale.

The compact scanner includes a Repeat Read function which you can enable or disable depending on whether or not you want the same NLIS tag number to be stored more than once. When the repeat read function is disabled, when you scan an NLIS ear tag for the second time, it will not be stored again and the device will give you a warning with an audible beep, and an on screen message.  This ensures you get an accurate count of animals scanned in your work session. ie 20 unique number records.

Feature Summary :

  • A powerful device in an easy to carry around size.
  • Data storage of 50,000 records.
  • Sound alert on successful scan.
  • Download scanned ear tag numbers direct to your PC.
  • Real time transfer of scanned cattle tag numbers to your phone, tablet or computer by Bluetooth (Apple, Android, PC or Mac).
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries charged with a common microUSB cable.
  • Change the device's automatic sleep function from 2 minutes to 20 minutes.
  • Powerful antenna to scan tags from the front or back of the device.
  • High definition bright OLED screen.

In the Box :

  • NLIS Compact Smart Reader (GEN III)
  • USB Cable
  • Wrist Strap
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Instruction Manual


Includes Free Shipping to any location in Australia - in stock and available for immediate dispatch.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Mikey F.
Handy Scanner

Use this to scan before we send to market - easy to use and software is handy to record everything you could need.

Sam P.
Nice Reader

Shipped fast with easy to follow instructions - does what we need - thanks

Heather Y.

This tag reader is a compact powerhouse. It's incredibly easy to use and carry around the farm. The data syncs flawlessly with the AgriEID software, allowing us to manage our livestock data effectively and efficiently. It's a bit on the expensive side but worth the investment.

Julia S.

The reader is efficient and the size is perfect for our fieldwork. However, the software integration could be smoother. Overall, a decent product but there's room for improvement in software compatibility.

Ian M.

Reliable and easy to use. Happy with the purchase.