Refund and Exchange Policy

Refund Policy

When purchasing products from AgriEID, it is expected that the customer possesses the requisite technical skills for assembly and installation or has the means to contract a competent IT professional to perform these tasks. Non-applicability of a refund extends to scenarios where a customer is unable to utilize provided software from AgriEID due to limitations in personal computer proficiency.

We consider items for a refund only if they are returned in an untouched, pristine condition that allows them to be resold. Eligibility for a refund will be void if the item has been used in any capacity. We strictly do not issue refunds for changes of mind post-purchase.

Furthermore, once an order has been processed and payment has been received, we do not accommodate refunds due to change of mind or cancellation requests. This policy helps us maintain consistency and fairness for all customers. However, we understand that circumstances may arise that necessitate changes to your order before your order has shipped from our warehouse. In such scenarios, we are pleased to offer a credit voucher equivalent to the value of your original order. This credit can be applied to any new order placed with AgriEID within 30 days from the date of the original order.

Any external damage to the product packaging incurred during transit that does not significantly affect the actual product (as portrayed in our marketing materials) will not warrant a refund. It's essential to understand that the shipping and handling charges are non-refundable. All shipping charges to return the product(s) to AgriEID are borne by the customer, and the risk of loss or damage during transit is assumed by the customer.

For returned items, the usage of a traceable shipping service or shipping insurance is mandatory. The tracking information must be promptly emailed to AgriEID on the day of shipping for us to process the RMA claim.

No refund or credit will be extended for delays in estimated shipping times if the cause is beyond our control. We strive to ship all orders within estimated time frames and put in our best efforts to meet customer expectations. Credits apply only to the full order value and not on partial product delivery.

Should a customer refuse delivery and the returned product shows no faults or significant manufacturing defects, neither credit nor refund applies to any part of that order value. A restocking/administration fee of up to 25 percent may be charged for approved returns in which the returned product is found free of faults or significant manufacturing defects.

Exchange Policy

We only provide replacements for items that, upon opening, are found to be defective or not as per the original order. Please contact us to explain the reason for replacement and to request a return authorisation number (RMA).

Shipping costs for returning any items in their original condition fall on the customer. Shipping costs are non-refundable. The delivery time for a replaced product may vary depending on our current stock levels and courier delivery times.

Please remember, you are required to use a traceable shipping service or purchase shipping insurance when returning an item. Make sure to email the tracking information to AgriEID on the same day of shipping for us to process the RMA claim. We will not approve exchanges based on a customer's change of mind or buyer's remorse.

In case of bundled products containing multiple items, refunds and exchanges only apply to the specific item that exhibits an issue or manufacturing failure.

Please contact our office on 1300 345 882 or by email here to get an RMA and our postal address.