General NLIS Questions

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The NLISID number is printed on the outside of an electronic ear tag used to identify cattle (or on the visual ear tag indicating that a rumen bolus has been applied). The RFID number is the transponder number inside the ear tag or bolus. The NLISID number is read visually. The RFID number is read electronically, using a hand-held or fixed panel reader.

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LPA acreditation is required to legally buy, sell and manage livestock in Australia. This is a first step for all new farmers who have just purchased a property.

The Livestock Production Assurance NVD communicates the food safety and treatment status of every animal every time it moves between properties, to saleyards or processors. NVDs are a legal document that are key to Australian red meat traceability and market access, and act as movement documentation throughout the value chain. 

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The person who receives the cattle must ensure that the transfer is recorded on the NLIS Database.
If cattle are bought or sold through a saleyard, or sold to an abattoir, the saleyard or abattoir notifies the
database. If you buy cattle privately you, or someone acting on your behalf, must notify the database.

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