Leader NLIS Enviro Cattle Tags
Leader NLIS Enviro Cattle Tags
Leader NLIS Enviro Cattle Tags
Leader NLIS Enviro Cattle Tags

Leader NLIS Enviro Cattle Tags

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NLIS Cattle Tag Colour

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Product Description

Leader NLIS Tags - some key points to note :

  • 1   Australian made and owned 
  • 2   Established in 1948 (70 Years)
  • 3   NLIS Approved Cattle Ear Tags (since 2010)
  • 4   Tamperproof Robust Design 
  • 5   UV Resistant for Longevity
  • 6   100% Retention Guarantee 

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    NLIS Tags: Essential for Traceability

    NLIS Tags, also known as National Livestock Identification System Tags, are an essential tool for farmers and livestock owners to enhance traceability and ensure the safety and integrity of the food supply chain. These tags serve as a unique and permanent identifier for each animal, providing valuable information about its origin, health status, and movements throughout its lifetime.

    Importance of NLIS Tags

    With NLIS Tags, cattle can be easily identified, and the movement of animals can be accurately recorded. This is crucial for disease surveillance and control, as it allows authorities to quickly track and trace the source of any potential outbreaks. By ensuring the total transparency and traceability of the livestock industry, these tags play a vital role in protecting human and animal health.

    Quality and Design

    Our NLIS Tags are made of high-quality materials that are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of livestock management. They are durable, weatherproof, and tamper-proof, offering reliable and long-lasting performance. Each tag features a unique identification number that is encrypted in a secure data format, ensuring that the information associated with each animal remains confidential and secure.

    Application Process

    Quick and Easy Application

    The application of NLIS Tags is quick and easy, making it a hassle-free process for farmers and livestock owners. These tags can be applied using a variety of methods, including applicators and taggers, making them suitable for all types and sizes of animals. The tags can be applied to cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, and even exotic animals, providing a universal solution for livestock identification.

    Benefits of Using NLIS Tags

    Farmers and livestock owners who use NLIS Tags benefit from a range of advantages. Firstly, these tags enable compliance with regulatory requirements, as Australia has made them mandatory for cattle identification and movement monitoring. Secondly, the tags improve overall farm management, as precise data on each animal's history and characteristics can be easily accessed and analyzed. This information can be used for breeding decisions, health management, and financial planning.

    Impact on Market Access and Trade

    In addition, NLIS Tags facilitate effective market access and trade, as they provide proof of the animal's origin and health status. Buyers can have confidence in the integrity and quality of the livestock, as the history and movements of each animal can be accurately documented. This is particularly important when exporting or importing animals, as it ensures compliance with global trade standards and regulations.

    AgriEID NLIS Tags 

    In conclusion, NLIS Tags are an indispensable tool for the livestock industry, enhancing traceability, and ensuring the safety and integrity of the food supply chain. With their durable construction, secure data encryption, and easy application methods, these tags offer a reliable and effective solution for livestock identification. By using NLIS Tags, farmers and livestock owners can comply with regulatory requirements, improve farm management, and enhance market access, ultimately contributing to the overall sustainability and success of the livestock industry.