Precision Weighing for Smart Livestock Management

Investing in a set of AgriEID cattle scales is a smart decision for any farmer looking to optimize livestock management and boost profitability.

The AgriEID system enables the simple tracking of individual and herd weight over time including auto calculation of Average Daily Gain (ADG), recording of medical treatments and herd fertility. 

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Benefits of AgriEID Digital Scales

1. Improve profitability by identifying health issues early, reduce medical supply expense and culling poor-performers.

2. Ensure optimal weight for sale, and access new markets such as online sales, direct-to-butcher, and direct-to-consumer.

3. AgriEID easy-to-use software and analytics empower you to make data-driven decisions to improve your livestock operation.

Lightning Fast Data Input

Average is only 3-8 seconds per animal

Fast, Simple, Reliable, Powerful

Farm Management Software

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Digital Farm System

Boost your farm productivity with our integrated Digital Farm System, featuring NLIS reader, livestock scales, powerful software, and an AI chatbot for 24/7 assistance.

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Portable Livestock Scales Kit (DIY)

Simplify weighing your livestock with our lightweight DIY Portable Livestock Scales.

An affordable, accurate easy-to-assemble solution.

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More information on AgriEID scales and software

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