Photo Upload - Facial Recognition

We are excited to announce the new Livestock Photo Upload feature in the AgriEID livestock management module !

This incredible new AI assisted feature is live and will soon integrate with AgriEID developed AI facial recognition technology to analyze and retrieve individual animals profiles and history instantly by simply scanning the animals nose like a QR code.

This revolutionary new technology is designed to streamline livestock management and provide you with more precise data about each animal and making it easier to match new borns with their mothers digital records to track performance over time.

With this feature, you can upload photos of your livestock directly into the software as you process them in the yards. Our new facial recognition AI algorithm will then process these images, allowing for enhanced tracking and monitoring capabilities as they are rolled out over the next few months.

It also ensures if ear tags are lost the data can still be retrieved. It also removes the requirements of livestock branding which reduces workload and potential discomfort for the animals.

Drone pictures of new borns can be used to identify and match calves at a later date ie during marking to their mothers so cow performance can be tracked.

The best and safest way to take an accurate picture is to have the animal in a head bail so the face is immobile and looking straight ahead to the camera. This can also easily be done with a drone.

Instructions for Taking and Uploading Photos

To maximize the accuracy of the facial recognition technology, it's important that the photos are taken correctly. Here's a quick guide on how to do it:

  1. Centering the Animal's Face: Ensure the animal's mouth, nose, and eyes are clearly visible and centered in the middle of the photo. This is crucial for our technology to accurately recognize the animal.

  2. Lighting: Natural lighting is best. Make sure the photo isn't overexposed or underexposed, as this can make it difficult for the system to analyze the image.

  3. Distance: Don't stand too far away or too close. The animal's face should occupy the majority of the frame, but the entire face, including ears, should be visible.

  4. Quality: Use a high-resolution camera if possible. The clearer the photo, the more accurately our system can identify the animal.

Here is an example with eyes, nostrils and eyes in the centre of the photo frame :

Once you've taken the perfect picture, simply follow these steps to upload it to our system:

  1. Navigate to the "photo" tab in the livestock profile and upload or simply click on the cow selfie image in the livestock main listing.

  2. Click on the "Upload" button.

  3. Select the photo from your device.

  4. Wait for the system to analyze and recognize the animal.

  5. Finally, save the entry to finalize the upload process.

Remember, the more accurately the photos are taken and uploaded, the more effective the facial recognition technology will be as we roll out more features and functionality.

We hope you find this new feature beneficial for your livestock management. As always, our support team is available for any questions or assistance you may need at