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Livestock Scales Kit
Livestock Scales Kit
Livestock Scales Kit
Livestock Scales Kit
Livestock Scales Kit
Livestock Scales Kit
Livestock Scales Kit
Livestock Scales Kit
Livestock Scales Kit
Livestock Scales Kit
Livestock Scales Kit
Livestock Scales Kit
Livestock Scales Kit
Livestock Scales Kit
Livestock Scales Kit
Livestock Scales Kit
Livestock Scales Kit
Livestock Scales Kit
Livestock Scales Kit
Livestock Scales Kit
Livestock Scales Kit
Livestock Scales Kit
Livestock Scales Kit
Livestock Scales Kit

Livestock Scales Kit

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Product Description

The AgriEID DIY Livestock Scales present a significant advancement in cattle farming technology, particularly beneficial for Small to Medium (SME) sized farmers in the agricultural sector. These scales are expertly designed to address the specific challenges and needs faced by cattle farmers, offering a blend of precision, affordability, and ease of use. In the context of SME operations, where resource optimization is key, the ability to accurately weigh cattle plays a pivotal role in managing herd health, enhancing feed efficiency, and preparing for market sales.

For SME cattle farmers, the economic viability of their operations hinges on maximizing output while minimizing costs. The AgriEID DIY Livestock Scales cater to this need by providing an affordable yet highly accurate method for monitoring the weight and growth of cattle. This capability is crucial for making informed decisions that impact the overall health and profitability of the herd. The scales also offer the added advantage of portability and user-friendly software, making them a versatile tool in diverse farming environments.

Key Features for SME Cattle Farmers

  1. Precision Weighing: The scales offer highly accurate weight measurements, critical for effective feed management and health monitoring in SME cattle farms.

  2. Cost-Effectiveness: Understanding the budget constraints of SMEs, these scales are priced affordably, making advanced weighing technology accessible to smaller operations.

  3. Portability: Their portable design allows for easy transportation and use in different areas of the farm, a vital feature for SMEs with limited resources.

  4. User-Friendly Software: The scales come with intuitive software that simplifies data tracking and analysis, aiding SME farmers in making data-driven decisions for herd management.

  5. Durability: Built to withstand farm conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability in SME settings.

Benefits for SME Cattle Farmers

  1. Improved Health Monitoring: Regular weight checks help in early detection of health issues, allowing for timely intervention and reduced veterinary costs.

  2. Effective Breeding Selection: Accurate weight data aids in selecting the best breeding stock, improving the genetic quality and productivity of the herd.

  3. Market Preparation: Precise weight measurements ensure SME farmers receive fair market value for their cattle.

  4. Data-Driven Decision Making: The software provides insights into weight trends and health indicators, empowering SME farmers with the information needed to make informed management decisions.

  5. Enhanced Feed Efficiency: By accurately measuring cattle weight, SME farmers can optimize feed ratios, reducing waste and saving on feed costs.

AgriEID DIY Livestock Scales represent a transformative tool in the realm of modern agriculture, especially for cattle management. In an era where precision agriculture is pivotal, these scales blend advanced technology with practicality, offering an unparalleled asset for farmers and livestock owners. The essence of the AgriEID DIY Livestock Scales lies in their ability to deliver accurate, real-time data about the weight of cattle, which is crucial for various aspects of livestock management, including health monitoring, feed efficiency, and sale preparation.

Understanding the weight of cattle is fundamental for optimizing livestock operation profitability. It influences decisions related to feed ratios, health treatments, and breeding programs. The AgriEID DIY Livestock Scales cater to these needs by offering a solution that is not only precise but also affordable and portable. 

The user-friendly software with these scales adds an additional layer of efficiency. The AgriEID software allows farmers to track weight gain trends, monitor individual animal growth, and make informed decisions based on comprehensive data analysis. The AgriEID DIY Livestock Scales stand as a testament to the innovation in agricultural technology, aiming to enhance productivity and sustainability in cattle farming.

Key Features Explanation

The AgriEID DIY Livestock Scales are designed with several key features that make them an indispensable tool in cattle and livestock farming. Firstly, the scales boast a high level of precision in weight measurement. This accuracy is crucial for monitoring cattle growth, determining the right feed quantities, and preparing for market sales. Precision in weight measurement also plays a significant role in administering medication, ensuring that dosages are based on accurate weight data.

Affordability is another standout feature. Recognizing the budget constraints often faced by farmers, these scales are priced competitively, ensuring that even small-scale operations can access state-of-the-art weighing technology. This affordability does not compromise quality, as the scales maintain high standards of accuracy and durability.

Portability is a key aspect of the AgriEID DIY Livestock Scales. They are designed to be easily transportable, allowing farmers to use them in various locations across the farm. This mobility is particularly beneficial for farms with multiple cattle enclosures or for those who need to transport the scales to different sites.

The user-friendly software integrated into the AgriEID system is another significant feature. This software is intuitive, making it easy for farmers to track and analyze weight data over time. It offers insights into growth patterns and health indicators, allowing for more informed decision-making in cattle management.

Benefits and Applications

The AgriEID DIY Livestock Scales offer a multitude of benefits that enhance the efficiency and profitability of cattle farming. One of the primary advantages is the ability to closely monitor the health and growth of cattle. Regular weight checks help in early detection of health issues, ensuring timely intervention. This proactive approach to health management can lead to significant cost savings in veterinary bills and reduce the risk of widespread health issues within the herd.

In terms of feed management, these scales provide vital data to optimize feed ratios. Understanding the specific weight gain patterns of cattle allows farmers to adjust feed types and quantities, leading to more efficient feed utilization and cost savings. This precision feeding not only improves the health and growth of the cattle but also contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing feed waste.

Another application of the AgriEID DIY Livestock Scales is in breeding programs. Accurate weight data plays a crucial role in selecting breeding stock, ensuring that only the healthiest and most productive animals are chosen. This strategic selection contributes to the overall improvement of the herd's genetic quality over time.

Furthermore, for those looking to sell their cattle, precise weight data is essential for determining market value. The AgriEID DIY Livestock Scales provide accurate weight measurements, ensuring that farmers receive fair compensation for their livestock based on actual weight rather than estimations.

User Implementation Guide

Implementing the AgriEID DIY Livestock Scales in your cattle management routine is a straightforward process. Here's a step-by-step guide to ensure you get the most out of this technology:

  1. Installation: Set up the scales in a location that is easily accessible to your cattle. This could be near feeding areas or within cattle pens. Ensure the surface is level for accurate measurements.

  2. Calibration: Before the first use, calibrate the scales as per the instructions provided. This ensures the accuracy of weight measurements from the outset.

  3. Introducing Cattle to the Scales: Gradually introduce your cattle to the scales. It’s important to ensure that the cattle are calm and stress-free during weighing for accurate results.

  4. Regular Weighing Schedule: Establish a routine for weighing your cattle. This could be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, depending on your specific management needs.

  5. Data Recording and Analysis: Use the AgriEID software to record and analyze the weight and medical data. Look for trends in weight gain or loss, and make management decisions based on this data.

  6. Maintenance: Regularly check and maintain your scales to ensure their longevity and accuracy. This includes cleaning and periodic recalibration.

By following these steps, you can effectively integrate the AgriEID DIY Livestock Scales into your cattle management routine, enhancing the efficiency and profitability of your operation.

The AgriEID DIY Livestock Scales are designed to cater to a diverse range of users in the cattle farming industry. The primary target audience includes:

  1. Small-Scale Farmers: These scales are ideal for small-scale farmers who need an affordable and accurate way to monitor the health and growth of their livestock. The ease of use and portability makes it a perfect fit for smaller operations.

  2. Commercial Cattle Breeders: For breeders who focus on genetic quality and optimal growth, these scales provide the precise data needed for making informed breeding decisions.

  3. Stock Agents : require portability to got to customer sites to prepare stock for sale and to determine correct sale weights to maximise customer returns.

As for pricing, the AgriEID DIY Livestock Scales are competitively priced to ensure affordability without compromising on quality and precision. The cost-effectiveness of these scales makes them a valuable investment for improving the profitability of livestock operations.

Summary of Key Points

  • Precision and Accuracy: Offers highly accurate weight measurements, essential for effective cattle management.

  • Affordability: Competitively priced, making advanced weighing technology accessible to all scales of farming operations.

  • Portability: Easily transportable design, suitable for use in various farm locations.

  • User-Friendly Software: Integrated software for efficient tracking and analysis of weight data, aiding in decision-making.

  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of users in the cattle industry, including small-scale farmers, commercial breeders, dairy farmers, and feedlot operators.

  • Improved Livestock Management: Facilitates better health monitoring, feed management, breeding decisions, and market preparation.

  • Durability : AgriEID heavy duty scales are the most robust available on the market with aircraft grade aluminium components designed for the harshest Australian working environments. 

Authority and Testimonials

The AgriEID DIY Livestock Scales have been recognized for their innovation and utility in the agricultural sector. Numerous testimonials from satisfied users underscore the positive impact these scales have had on their cattle management practices, highlighting improvements in health monitoring, feed efficiency, and overall farm productivity.

This highly popular scales kit has an advanced average weight algorithm used by commercial sale yard scales for incredible accuracy with rapid display of the animal weight on the included High Definition LCD monitor (stainless steel case).

The system also comes with powerful software to record and auto calculate each animals average daily weight gain (ADG) as they are weighed with the system. Enables the identification of poor performing animals in the yards so medical boost treatments can be applied on the spot to increase total annual weight production. 

Key Benefits of AgriEID Scales :

1. Online Auction Sales : Knowing the accurate weight of cattle is crucial for selling in online markets. Buyers need precise information to make informed purchasing decisions.

2. Optimize Weight Prior to Sale: Regular weight monitoring helps in optimizing the weight of cattle before they are sold. This ensures that the cattle reach the market at their most profitable weight.

3. Accurate Medical Dosages: Precise weight measurement is essential to determine accurate dosage for medications and vaccines. This helps maintain the health of the cattle and prevents overdosing or underdosing.

4. Monitor Health and Well-being: Regular weight checks can be an effective way to monitor the general health and well-being of cattle. Rapid weight loss can be an indicator of illness or parasites.

5. Optimize Nutrition: By understanding the weight of cattle, farmers can better manage feed ratios to ensure each animal is receiving the necessary nutrients for healthy growth.

6. Breeding Management: Weight data can influence breeding decisions as certain weights are often optimal for breeding purposes. Track and cull poor performing genetics.

7. Determine Profitability: By monitoring weight gain, producers can determine the profitability of different feed types, management strategies, and genetics / breeds.

8. Performance Tracking: Regular weighing allows farmers to track the performance of individual animals or the herd over time, and adjust management practices accordingly.

Click here to learn more about the AgriEID digital farm software and here for the mobile application. Click here to view video demo's of the AgriEID software platform.

The AgriEID platform provides a single pane of glass view of the entire farm and follows guidelines provided by the LPA for best practice and audit requirements.

Artificial Intelligence : Instantly optimise your livestock operation with our 24x7 Artificial Intelligence FARM AI chatbot module : click here for more information.

Annual income earning potential benchmarks - click here to view

These AgriEID Livestock Scales are a Heavy Duty (DIY) Solution. Easy to install and operate for all Cattle Crush sizes and designs.

This next generation livestock scale kit includes IP67 stainless steel load cells, stainless steel digital indicator, stainless steel IP67 junction box and double metal shield (stainless steel) PVC clear rodent proof quick connect cables.

This weighing solution is built tough and is easy to install onto any custom platform or cattle crush. Cattle crushes come in many different designs (platform or no platform) and varying sizes (width, gates, head bale etc).  

Combine with our Livestock Management Software to measure average daily weight gain (ADG) with individual medical records and notes. 

With the AgriEID software it is simple and easy to record each animals average daily weight gain (ADG) over time. As such you can identify poor performing animals as they are weighed in the crush and then administer medical booster treatments to improve their performance (oral drench, pour-on, multivitamins etc). Poor young cattle performance is less than 250 grams weight gain per day - good performance is 500g to 1.5kg per day. As you only need to treat the poor performers - you save big money on expensive products. By using our scales and software your herd weight prior to sale is maximised and improvements can be up to 30 percent per annum in total gross weight gains.

Animal average daily weight gains (ADG) can be easily tracked using the NLIS tag with an AgriEID NLIS Digital Smart Reader or simply use the animals visual tags.

Click here to view video demo's of all 12 modules in the AgriEID platform.


Our new mobile application can be used when internet access is not available - just sync to the cloud when internet access is next available and your records are automatically updated. (Demo below)


The Heavy Duty, Height Adjustable Load Cells (4) included with this system are made from solid stainless steel (IP67) with rubber non-slip pads that can be attached to any sized platform (timber / metal) or bolted under the cattle crush frame. (mounting brackets and spacers provided)

Connection of the 4 x Heavy Duty Load Cells to the Digital Weigh Indicator is simple - we provide detailed instructions (link below) and support to quickly get your cattle scales installed and operational in the yards.

Included are these Premium IP67 Components :

4 x 2250 kg heavy duty stainless steel load cells (IP67 rated)
4 x Threaded Mounting Brackets (bolt directly to crush frame)
4 x Sets of Bolts, Washers and Nuts 
4 x Metal Spacers for Timber or Metal Platform
4 x Heavy Duty Height Adjustable Swivel Feet with Rubber Pads
1 x Premium Junction Box (Stainless Steel and Waterproof)
1 x Digital Weighing Indicator (Stainless Steel IP67) with 3.5m quick connect cable
1 x Indicator Operation Manual
1 x Installation Guide with Calibration Certificates

Video of what is included in the BOX  :

Heavy duty double metal shield (stainless steel) clear PVC coated cables are provided in 2.5m and 3.5m lengths for the 4 load cells and a 3.5m cable for the indicator to junction box.

The digital weigh indicator includes a heavy duty rechargeable 6V battery so the scales can operate 100% remotely without 240v power for up to 5 days continuous usage on one fully charged battery cycle.

Please note : The aluminium platform is not included with these scale (see below for our DIY construction guide and how to order from your local engineering / fabrication company)

Download and print our FREE Platform Construction guides click here and here

Video Demo showing Cattle Scales Installation and the Construction of a Hard Wood Timber Platform by One Person.

The kit is calibrated at the factory and pre-wired. If further calibration is required after installation it only takes only 5 minutes to complete.

The AgriEID Stainless Steel IP67 Cattle Scale Indicator has a "Livestock Hold" function with a selectable 3 or 5 second average weight calculation for superior accuracy.

Suitable for maximum capacity up to 4500 kg.

Construction of a Timber or Steel Platform.

A timber platform can be built if you do not have welding skills or access to a local engineering firm. We do recommend steel over timber construction as steel is more rigid and less likely to warp over time which can result in load cell errors. Please note a hard wood timber or steel platform will weigh 100kg + so they are heavy.

Platform Construction Guides click here and here 

Installation Guide click here

Attach to base of Crush frameWe provide 4 x threaded base plates with heavy duty bolts so you can attached the feet to the base of the cattle crush frame. The average cattle crush weighs 500-1000kg so this system has plenty of capacity for the crush to be used as a permanent platform. The maximum capacity for the 4 load cells when installed is 4500kg so even with a 1000kg crush there is still 3500 kg capacity for weighing animals.

Why Purchase Digital Cattle Scales :

1. Weigh regularly to maximise profit 
- Ensure animals are continually gaining weight
- Review the speed which animals are gaining weight 
- Identify good performers and poor performers
2. Apply accurate treatment dosages
3. Identify and monitor sick animals
4. Ensure optimum weight is achieved prior to sale

Click here to view our detailed installation guide for this product. This is a DIY solution as it requires the 4 x load cell wires to be connected a junction box with a small screwdriver.

A heavy duty stainless steel digital weigh indicator with rechargeable 6V battery is included with a quick connect metal shield PVC cable- User Manual view here

Check out our Free Guide on how to build a aluminium platform (click here). We recommend aluminium construction from a local engineering / welding / fabrication firm - cost should only be $500 to $800 and take a few days to build.

We do not sell platforms for 3 main reasons : Each crush is constructed differently with unique measurements and requires a custom built platform to properly fit with no installation issues. Freight costs for a large metal platform would be cost prohibitive. We also like to support local rural businesses and the community.


Demo of Livestock Module with ADG in the AgriEID Cloud Application 

For more info on AgriEID software click here (inc pricing). You can export all records to excel if you do not want to continue using the software after the free 12 month period.

Please note the AgriEID software is not required to operate the scales - it is simply a fantastic value added feature with powerful analytics developed to significantly increase your total weight production per annum.

In conclusion, the AgriEID DIY Livestock Scales are not just a tool but a game-changer in the world of cattle farming. They offer a blend of accuracy, affordability, and convenience that is unmatched in the market. Make the wise choice for your livestock operation today!

Elevate your livestock management to the next level with AgriEID DIY Livestock Scales. Purchase now to experience unparalleled precision, efficiency, and profitability in your cattle farming operations!

Delivery time for this product is currently 5-7 Business days.

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PRICING includes GST and FREE SHIPPING Australia Wide

Live demo of the Digital Farm Software in action :

Digital Farm System in action with Heavy Duty NLIS SMART Stick Scanner

Customer Reviews

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Kyle M.
Simple Scales

Easy to set-up and get weighing. Software is a bonus and we like how simple it is to record data.

David M.

Set it up in no time, works great.

Sarah L.

Efficient and user-friendly, perfect for my farm management needs.

Monica B.

Durable and accurate, a must-have for farmers.

Jessica H.

Had an issue, support was quick to help.