FAQ - Scales and Software

Frequently Asked Questions : Load Bars

Q1: How accurate are the AgriEID Heavy Duty Load Bars?

  • A: The load bars feature aviation-grade stainless steel precision load cells, offering an accuracy of +/- 0.1% in 100-gram increments. This ensures highly precise weight measurements essential for effective livestock management.

Q2: Can these load bars withstand harsh farm conditions?

  • A: Absolutely. The AgriEID Load Bars are designed for tough environments, featuring a waterproof IP67 load cell and monitor design, and robust, rodent-proof cabling. They are built to handle a capacity of up to 3000kg, ensuring durability and longevity.

Q3: Is the system easy to install and use?

  • A: Yes, the system is designed for simplicity. It comes pre-calibrated and is a plug-and-play setup, requiring only a level surface and a platform for installation. The user-friendly interface makes operation straightforward.

Q4: Can I integrate these load bars with farm management software?

  • A: The load bars come with comprehensive software for tracking individual and herd performance. They are compatible with various farm management systems, allowing seamless integration and efficient data utilization.

Q5: Do I need constant internet access to use the load bars?

  • A: No, the accompanying mobile application allows for offline data management. Your records are automatically updated the next time you sync to the cloud.

Q6: What support resources are available for the AgriEID Heavy Duty Load Bars?

  • A: AgriEID provides extensive support through video demos, user manuals, and software guides. These resources are designed to help you maximize the utility of the load bars.

Q7: What is the weight capacity of these load bars?

  • A: The AgriEID Heavy Duty Load Bars can handle weights up to 3000kg, making them suitable for weighing a wide range of livestock sizes.

Q8: Is there a warranty or customer support available for this product?

  • A: Yes, AgriEID offers customer support for the Heavy Duty Load Bars. For warranty specifics and support queries, it's best to contact AgriEID directly.

Q9: How does the AI Farm Assistance feature work?

  • A: The AI Farm Assistance is a chatbot module that provides 24x7 support, offering general agronomist and veterinarian advice. It can also assist in preparing documents like Biosecurity plans.

Q10: What are the power options for the load bars?

  • A: The load bars come with a high-definition monitor that can be powered either through a 240V outlet or using a 6V internal battery, ensuring flexibility in various farm settings.

Frequently Asked Questions : Software

Q1: What kind of software comes with the AgriEID Heavy Duty Load Bars?

  • A: The load bars are accompanied by comprehensive software designed to track individual and herd performance, aiding in making informed livestock management decisions.

Q2: Can the software track average daily weight gain (ADG) of livestock?

  • A: Yes, the software is equipped to calculate and track the average daily weight gain, providing critical insights for optimizing feed efficiency and overall herd health.

Q3: Is the software compatible with other farm management systems?

  • A: The software is designed for compatibility with a variety of farm management systems, facilitating seamless integration into your existing agricultural infrastructure.

Q4: How user-friendly is the software interface?

  • A: The software interface is designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring ease of use for farmers with varying levels of technical expertise.

Q5: Does the software require internet connectivity to function?

  • A: While internet connectivity enhances the software's functionality, the accompanying mobile application allows for offline data management, syncing updates once connected to the internet.

Q6: Are there tutorials or guides available for the software?

  • A: Yes, AgriEID provides user manuals and software guides to help users understand and effectively utilize the software.

Q7: Can the software help in identifying underperforming animals?

  • A: Yes, the software aids in identifying poor-performing animals, enabling targeted medical treatments and management strategies for herd improvement.

Q8: Is there technical support available for the software?

  • A: AgriEID offers customer support for any software-related queries or issues, ensuring a smooth user experience.