Cattle Whistle - 120DB
Cattle Whistle - 120DB

Cattle Whistle - 120DB

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High powered electronic cattle whistle with 3 modes for different sounds at push of a button. Short blast, Long blast and High tone.

Moves cattle fast with 120 decibels so no shouting, arm flailing required to move them in the yards, along alleys and up ramps.

Cattle can be trained to recognise the sound so moving stock from one paddock to another is as simple as opening the gate and whistle. 

Rugged design and small enough to fit into your jeans pocket and in glovebox etc

3 volume settings : high volume, medium volume, low volume and off.

Specification: 117.6*38*38.5 (mm)

Lanyard rope: Diameter 2.5 mm, length 1.15 mBattery: 3 x AAA batteries required.

Package includes: 1 x Electronic High DB Whistle, 1 x outer bag , 1 x lanyard

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